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Adventure River Cruise

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Eco Adventure Jungle Hiking Tour

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Iruka Watching Adventure (Dolphin Watching)

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Turtle Tours in Guam has been in the hospitality business for almost 50 years. We not only provide excellent optional tours, but also provide the transportation to get you there, through a safe, comfortable, and scenic ride. We welcome visitors to Guam and our residents here to come enjoy the tours which we have to offer.
"Best fun for the family in Guam.
We like the services, very nice 
people. I gave 5 stars.!"

-Karen Kim, from South Korea
"A very great adventure!
We took the morning tour.
I highly recommend Iruka."

-Miko Tanaka, from Japan
"The tours were worth every dollar.
I really love southern Guam and the 
valley and hiking were just awesome."

-Mike Hansen, from California, U.S.A.
"My partner and I finished shopping
at T Galleria and then Turtle Tours picked
us up from there for a very nice City Sightseeing Tour."

-Andy Lee, from Taiwan
"I am from Guam, but Turtle Tours helped
me experience Guam in a most wonderful
way. Thank you Turtle Tours! Biba!"

-Tina Flores, from Guam

Kayak Adventure Tour

Grab a friend and jump in a two person Kayak to explore two of Guam's exotic tropical rivers up close. Have hands on experience with local wildlife while learning about the culture and history of Guam. Our friendly tour guides will make your experience safe and fun! Kayaking on Guam is an adventure you won't want to miss!

Adventure River Cruise

Explore the jungles along the Talofofo & Ugum Rivers while aboard the Adventure River Cruise. Along the way you’ll visit a replica of an ancient Chamorro village to experience and see coconut leaf weaving, fire making and Guam’s mysterious latte stones.